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Enjoy perfect vision without the need for contact lenses or spectacles

dickens 017 resizedHow would you like to experience the freedom of perfect vision without the need for contact lenses or spectacles? Now you can.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is a non-invasive procedure that many choose as a safe alternative to surgery. It guarantees you perfect vision through the use of semi-rigid contact lenses that are worn whilst you sleep.

At Dickens Eye Clinic we specialise in testing and fitting individuals with Ortho-K contact lenses. We will thoroughly examine your eyes, speak to you about your eye health and guide you through the process of using the lenses.

How does it work?

The contact lenses work by gently reshaping your cornea whilst you sleep. Once your eyes are closed, your eyelids will apply gentle pressure onto the lenses. This results in the curvature of your cornea changing shape. Through the use of Ortho-K specialist contact lenses, mild eye conditions such as long and short sightedness and astigmatism can be rectified for up to 36 hours at a time.

Is it harmful or painful?

Ortho-K is completely reversible and will cause no permanent damage to the elastic tissue of your eye. Once your remove the contact lenses your cornea will slowly return to its original shape throughout the day. If you choose not to continue use of the lenses your vision will return to its original prescription.

The lenses are made from a highly gas permeable material allowing lots of oxygen through to the cornea. The design of the lenses allows for a tear pool underneath which helps in making them comfortable.

Who is suitable for Ortho-K lenses?

This revolutionary corrective eyewear can be worn by individuals between the ages of 8 and 70. The procedure works best for those with eye conditions such as long and short sightedness and also those with astigmatism.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss Ortho-K further or to make an appointment for an initial assessment.