Eye Examination

Your vision is possibly the most important sense you own; not only do you depend on it every single day, but 80% of your memories are built from images.


At Dickens Eye Clinic we pride ourselves on the quality of our eye examination. All of our appointments last at least 30 minutes and use the latest optical technology and equipment to provide us with a detailed overview of your eye health. Each of our Optometrists have over 30 years of experience within the field and have  undertaken a number of specialisations to provide the best in clinical knowledge and expertise.


The health of your eyes is our main priority at Dickens Eye Clinic, which is why all of our eye examinations are tailored to your needs and last at least 30 minutes. We give you the option to choose from three types of eye examination based upon your requirements and preferences.

Your eye examination will begin by getting to know a bit more about your general health, medical history and lifestyle. Following this our Optometrist will examine your eyes on a number of things including:

  • Internal Ocular Pressure
  • Vision Quality
  • Eye muscle performance and health
  • Internal eye health
  • Depth Perception
  • Colour Vision
  • Visual field analysis

During your eye examination our highly experienced Optometrists will be able to test for signs of ocular conditions including: cataracts, glaucoma and any macular changes. We will also be able to detect any general health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels.

We will also be able to offer a number of additional tests including Retinal Photography and our 3D OCT Retinal eye scanner.



Retinal screening involves taking a detailed image of your retina and allows our Optometrists a more comprehensive look at the health of your eye. This improves our ability to diagnose any eye conditions and offer the best possible treatment. All of the images are saved and are used as a comparison for subsequent visits. This enables us to pick up on any small changes that might occur over time.


The 3D OCT enables us to scan your retina and detect early signs of a number of conditions including: glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, vitreous detachment and many more. It can even help us monitor various changes due to high blood pressure, corneal disorders and floaters. By detecting these conditions at an early stage we can reduce the chance of your eyesight being permanently affected.