Children’s eye exam

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Minor eye conditions can be completely rectified up to the age of 7 


Dikens 043 resizeIt is strongly recommended that your child is receiving annual eye examinations from the age of one. At the very least your little one should have had their eyes tested before they go to school. It doesn’t matter that children this age can’t read. At Dickens Eye Clinic we can monitor the muscles that control children’s eyes to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Up until the age of 9 years old children are in the ‘critical age period.’ During this time the majority of minor eye conditions can be prevented, and completely rectified in some cases. Correcting vision during this time is imperative, as an undiagnosed eye problem could become permanent and irreversible in the future.

Common eye conditions that affect children include squints, lazy eye, misalignment and long and short sightedness. There are various ways to correct these problems but effective treatment is more likely if they are spotted during the critical age period

Your child can look forward to having an exciting and interactive sight test at our practice. Our friendly and approachable optician uses a variety of specialist equipment to keep children engaged during their examination. You can rest assured that your youngster is going to receive first class treatment that they find both fun and interesting.

Once the optician is satisfied every area of your child’s vision has been tested, you will be given plenty of time to discuss any concerns you have. You will then be handed over to one of our highly experienced dispensing opticians.

The dispensing optician will talk to you about suitable eyewear for your little one. Contact lenses are available for children aged 7 upwards, providing the optician is happy your little one will be able to care for them properly.

In the majority of cases, spectacles are recommended for children who require eyewear. We have an extensive range of designer and unbranded frames that come in a variety of colours and patterns. Your little one can have great fun trying on as many pairs as they wish before their final choice is fitted perfectly. We also hold exclusivity for the Zoobug range which has won multiple awards for its design and comfort. They are designed by an Ophthalmologist who grew up in Solihull!

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