Bespoke eyewear

Have one-off glasses hand made specifically for you

Wouldn’t it be great if you could design your spectacles from scratch? At Dickens Eye Clinic, we can do just that.

At Dickens Eye Clinic you will find bespoke eyewear handmade to meet every one of your needs. There is no greater feeling than having something truly unique, made specifically for you. We want to help you create eyewear as individual as you are so that you can feel truly original.

When creating your own frames with us you have free rein to design them exactly as you wish. You can decide which style to have, what colour they will be, the material they’re made from, and which lenses you’d like.

Our guarantee is that once you go bespoke you’ll never go back! Upon deciding what your eyewear is going to look like, one of our highly experienced optical advisors will take a number of important measurements. This is to ensure that your new spectacles will fit you perfectly.

At Dickens Eye Clinic we work closely with a number of designers to bring you the best in bespoke eyewear. One such range is from renowned British designer Tom Davies who has been designing handmade, bespoke spectacles since 1997.

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